Best Stripe Payment Gateway Plugin For WordPress


Most of the WordPress Developer are struggling from payment gateways features & functions either they are biggner or expert because all payment gateway have their own unique Free or Paid feature. We have worked with all online payment gateway like Paypal, PayU money, Stripe, Paytm, Google Pay etc.

Finally, we found best featured free payment gateway plugin if your are looking a payment gateway to your clients or customers which is Stripe Payment Gateway Plugin. 

By adding Stripe Payment gateway WordPress plugin you can easily collect payments on your WordPress website via debit or credit card. Also, stripe provides a lower transaction fee.

You can use stripe for a single product, service, or product packages as a form or a button. Stripe is easy to integrate and you don’t need to have any technical knowledge for integration.

The plugin setup is very easy. Once you have installed the plugin, you should simply enter your Stripe API credentials in the settings and your website will be ready to accept payments.

You can run it in test mode by Indicating test API keys in the plugin settings.

I would recommend these 4 stripe integration plugins:

  1. Stripe payments
  2. WP stripe checkout
  3. WP simple pay
  4. WP Payform

1)  Stripe Payment:-


Stripe payment WordPress plugin is easy to install and setup. Easily take payments for your services and products via stripe. Stripe payment plugin has a simple short-code that you embed anywhere on the website.

Stripe Payment plugin Setup:

1) Install and activate the plugin then click to the settings.
2) In a global setting, the checkout page URL is automatically created so you don’t need to change it.

3) You can customize your currency with a currency code option.
4) check the live mode option to run the transaction in live mode.
5) Add publishable key and secret key to your stripe account and save the changes.
6) Click on Add new product > Add Title of your product, Description, Price, Profile and Thank You page link if you have and save it.
7) It has a simple shortcode that you can put anywhere on your site for a product or service. You can also accept donations via Stripe.

2) Wp Stripe Checkout:-

WP stripe checkout allows you to collect Debit and credit card payments on your WordPress site. 

WP stripe checkout plugin setup:

1) Install the plugin and click on stripe checkout > setting
2) In the general setting option, you have to add stripe account details ( publishable key and secret key ) and save the setting.
3) check the test mode option if you want to test the payment gateway via test keys.
4) You can select your currency with the currency code option.
5) In the Email option, you are able to configure sender and receipt related settings.
6) After strip integration go to page/post where you need to add the stripe payment button

Add the following shortcode-

[wp_stripe_checkout item_name=”Text Book” description=”The right way to take notes from a textbook” amount=”19.47″ label=”Pay Now”]

To Accept donation you can use the following shortcode-

[wp_stripe_checkout item_name=”Text book” description=”Donation for School students” amount=”10.00″ label=”Donate for help”]

3) Wp simple pay:-

Wp simple pay easily collects payments for service, single product, or donation via credit card.

Wp simple pay plugin setup:

1) Install the plugin and click on stripe checkout > setting
2) For the test, the transaction enables test mode, no live payment proceeds in test mode.
3) you can choose a specific location for stripe checkout local or set it to auto-detect.
4) In a general setting, you can set up payment success, payment failure, or currency options.
5) In the payment confirmation option, you can add details about what your customers will see after successful payment.
6) Click on Add new to customize the payment form to collect payments.

4) WPPayForm:-

The platform has a form builder facility, you can customize form input fields, buttons, and label positions with single and multiple payments or also allow custom payments. Easily take payments for your services and products with stripe integration with free of cost.

WPPayForm plugin setup:-

1) Install and activate the plugin.
2) click on All Forms to create a form with pre-built templates or a blank form.
3) After creating the form click on setting, In a general setting, you can choose stripe checkout locale, currency (supports more than 135 countries), and currency sign position.
4) In the stripe setting option, you have to add stripe test keys and stripe live keys via stripe account and live mode to make payments live.
5) You can also add ReCaptcha for security.

We hope you understand the steps, setting, and procedure of Stripe online Payment Gateway. We have provided all the above-required steps for wordpress begineers, intermediates, experts, and non-wordpress users. Our motive is to make a more smooth WordPress journy. Stay with us to get more unique topics about WordPress.



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